Cara Sakurai
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Cara Sakurai

Realtor/Broker Associate
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Cara is a long time resident of the Bay Area and has witnessed tremendous change and growth which has shaped the area into becoming one of the most sought-after locations in the world. Buying and selling houses of her own and relocating several times throughout the Bay Area, she truly understands her clients' sensitivity towards their real estate transactions. Having raised her two children in the Cupertino Union School District and the Fremont Union High School District, she also knows the diverse needs and priorities of families in the community. Before getting into the real estate business, Cara has worked in the tech, immigration law, and mortgage industries.

With her extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and finance, she can guide her clients seamlessly through every step of the transaction. Honesty and open communication are her business philosophy. She is always responsive and happy to help her clients make the best possible decisions. Cara works with the professionals in her team who can also support all clients' needs. Her sincere attitude will bring assurance and satisfaction to all parties in the real estate transaction.


"From the beginning to the end of our house search, Cara was always polite and patient. At first, we could not find any house which we liked but she continued showing us the next house and then the next with a smile. She also had very detailed information and answered almost any minute questions. If anything was unclear, she immediately contacted the seller’s agent or otherwise investigated to get answers. After we decided to make an offer, Cara gave us advice which was precise and to the point and which only an experienced realtor who knew the market through and through could give. For us, the first time home buyers, she held Zoom meetings until late at night multiple times over the period in which we needed to review and sign various documents to solve our questions and uncertainty, and still, she had the necessary paperwork all ready the next morning and I was a little worried if she had time to sleep. Cara kept close contact and effectively negotiated with the seller’s agent"

  -R. R., Client

"I would highly recommend Cara. She provided me with comprehensive service for not just buying a home but also for helping us remodel, repair, and improve our purchased home. Buying a home in the SF Bay Area is quite different from my previous home purchase experience. I asked her lots of questions about various topics, ranging from general questions on the real estate market and finance to concrete ones on contractors for a specific type of work. I am grateful for her responsive and thoughtful answers to my questions."

  -J. A., Client

"Cara is super patient and helpful during our house hunting journey. In the beginning we were not sure what to look for and she patiently scheduled whole day open houses to help us narrow down our preferences. After we narrowed down our preferences, she quickly provided recommendations that fit our criteria. We finally purchased our first home and we could not have done it without her help because there was already a pending offer! Cara worked her magic and we were able to send in our offer in a super short notice. Even after the transaction, she continues to follow up on our home warranty that she purchased for us. We really appreciate Cara’s guidance through this journey."

  -Zuser, Client

"As a first time home buyer, we were looking for an agent who we are experienced, knowledgeable and detail oriented. We found Cara as a perfect match! We can't thank enough as she guided us with her professionalism throughout the rough time (pandemic!). She is also easy to communicate and response right away on any questions or concerns so we didn't even have minutes to worry. She is also knowledgeable on financial stuff as she used to be a loan officer which makes her stand out even more. Will recommend Cara 100%!"

  -S. I., Client

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